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Truth bomb: Lawyer well-being isn’t just a “hot topic.” When lawyers lack well-being, not only do they suffer, but those around them do as well -- including their clients, colleagues, and loved ones. Ultimately, the entire legal profession suffers as we become known as the most emotionally unhealthy profession. This isn’t exactly the bright future we dreamt about or worked so hard to create for ourselves during crushing nights in the law library or exhausting days of prep for the bar exam.

Even more, lawyer well-being is a mission critical business interest for lawyers and legal employers.

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And perhaps most telling, a quick search on Google using the terms ‘quit law’ reveals 316 million results. (By contrast, ‘quit dentistry’ returns 8 million, and ‘quit teaching’ just 61 million.)

No doubt about it, the profession is in need of a reality check. A chance to create a reset and reboot. We need to ‘Esquire Well.’

Luckily, with focus and intention, a healthy environment is achievable. Here at EsquireWell, we serve individuals and organizations with comprehensive, innovative, and evidence-based support and resources. From large law firms, boutique and regional law firms, in-house legal departments, public-sector legal employers, and law schools to individual attorneys and law students, we work with organizations and people who understand:

Lawyers who have well-being also enjoy better practices, relationships, and overall success.

Decades of Legal Industry Experience

+ Social Work Background
+ Leadership Expertise
+ Deep C-Suite Knowledge
= Unparalleled Insight and Results at Your Disposal

With passion and commitment, EsquireWell founder and CEO, Kendra Brodin, Esq., MSW brings to the challenge of unhappy lawyers 20+ years of industry experience, advanced degrees in both social work and law, coaching and leadership skills, and significant time in the trenches supporting lawyer talent.

Here you’ll find proven strategies, accessible and practical tools, speaking, coaching, and consulting services as well as the cutting-edge EsquireWell Learning Community.

Kendra brings vision, passion and energy like no other to everything she does. Ready to win in more ways than one - with better financial outcomes, greater career satisfaction, improved client retention, and happier, healthier lawyers? Let well-being be the driver. At EsquireWell, we’re here for you.

Each new project starts with a 20-minute get-acquainted conversation, complimentary when you share a little about your interest and I have availability. If you’re ready to get going, I’m ready for you.


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