Need a fresh take on a provocative topic from a celebrated speaker and trainer?

How about one who’s spent over 20 years developing legal talent, as an attorney, a recruiter, a business developer, a law school career development director, all the way to a C-Suite role in Attorney Development? Or one who can make your audience laugh while bringing home a serious point? You’ve found her.

Kendra Brodin, ESQ., MSW

Kendra is a sought-after speaker and trainer who is a uniquely-specialized expert in lawyer well-being and success. Kendra brings her passion, expertise, energy, and engaging speaking style to every presentation. One of Kendra’s trademarks is her versatility -- she can deliver an inspiring and engaging keynote address to thousands or draw in a dedicated working group in your law firm’s conference room.

Equally adept at online and in-person presentations, Kendra’s hallmark is her boundless energy and obvious dedication to the success and well-being of every lawyer whose path she crosses. Her audiences rave about her ability to relay relevant, useful, and complex information and research in a way that makes it understandable, actionable, and interesting.

With a potent educational background as both a social worker (Masters of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania) and a lawyer (Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota), Kendra is a “secret weapon” when it comes to helping attorneys, law students, firms, and legal departments experience greater well-being and success.

Perspective matters -- and Kendra brings it in spades. She sees attorney success and well-being from every angle based on her professional experience in private practice, law school career and professional development, search firm recruiting, law firm recruiting and professional development, and as a certified coach.

Here are some of Kendra's most popular presentations for webinars, retreats, workshops, and training programs:

High-Performance Lawyering: Leveraging the Performance and Well-Being Strategies of Top Athletes and Performers To Be At Your Best

Emotional Intelligence: What You Must Have to Succeed in the Law and Life

The Critical Link: How Well-being Impacts Career Fulfillment and Job Performance

Leading with Well-Being: Building a Foundation for Personal and Organizational Success

Maximize Your Business Development Results Using a Growth Mindset

Eustress: How to Tap into the Positive Effects of Stress to Improve Your Work and Life

Resilience: Thriving in Times of Challenge and Change

Emotional Regulation: Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot

Building a Positive Culture and a Culture of Caring

The Power of Connection: How Feeling Connected at Work Helps You Thrive Personally and Professionally

Achieving Your Goals Using the Power of New Habits

Using a Growth Mindset to Excel in Every Area of Your Life

Mastering Your Time: Manage Your Calendar, Maximize Your Productivity, & Hit Your Deadlines with Less Stress

Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety, Authenticity, and Civility

Preventing Burnout and Re-Engaging in Your Work

Imposter Syndrome and Building Self-Confidence

Next Level Diversity: Why Belonging is What Lawyers Really Want for Personal and Professional Thriving

Navigating Challenging Professional Conversations and Communication

The Two-Way Street of Mentoring: Being the Best Mentee and Mentor You Can Be

The Legal Mind: Applying Neuroscience to Build Resilience, Productivity, and Well-Being with Henry Emmons, MD and Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC (for more information click HERE)

EsquireSleep: How Lawyers Can Unlock the Power of Sleep to Thrive in Work and Life with Dr. Jagdeep Bijwadia (for more information click HERE)

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