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Whether you’re struggling to keep up with the current demands of your work and life or trying to take everything to the next level, coaching can help you see things in a new way, create new solutions, and experience the life and work you really want.


As a certified coach, Kendra is able to support you with the individual, focused attention you need to experience both a deeper sense of well-being and the results that propel you toward your next goal.
Well-being isn’t just about feeling “zen.” It’s much more. Kendra uses the six dimensions of well-being defined in the 2017 National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being Report “The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change”: emotional, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social.

Coaching Opportunities

Coaching Package

12 weekly sessions, 60-minutes each, held via Zoom video conferencing or in-person in Roseville, Minnesota. For monthly coaching there is a three-month commitment with an option to renew. In addition to the two coaching sessions, you will receive email access between sessions; short check-ins as needed to help keep you on track toward achieving your goals, or quick phone or video spot-coaching before important events.

Spotlight Strategy Call

During a laser-focused 90-minute coaching session with Kendra, you’ll receive insights, ideas, and recommendations to help you break through what is holding you back from having a life and career you love. You and Kendra will identify blocks and limiting beliefs, determine priority changes that will create the biggest positive difference immediately, and brainstorm practical ideas to help you make foundational progress quickly.

You can work with Kendra on challenges related to your success and well-being, like:

  • Dealing with stress, worry, and overwhelm so you have more peace of mind
  • Taking your career to the next level, whatever that means to you
  • Navigating relationships and creating boundaries
  • Busting through your blocks around business development
  • Building better habits around eating, exercise, and more
  • Creating the blend you want between your work and personal life (the proverbial desire for “work/life balance” struggle that many don’t want to admit, but most want)
  • Increasing productivity and profitability without losing the things that matter (your health, wellness, and relationships)
  • Building leadership skills and executive presence, including how to build well-being into your own life as a leader and the fabric of your organization
  • Communicating authentically and with emotional intelligence
  • Deciding what you want out of your life and practice and developing a plan to achieve it!

"When I think of Kendra as a coach, these are the words that come to mind immediately: inspirational, motivating, and an overall wonderful person. Kendra really made me look inside myself to figure out what I wanted and what would make me happy. When I came to Kendra, I was feeling unfulfilled in my work and didn't know what I wanted to do. With Kendra's guidance and powerful coaching, I discovered that staying at my job while making some strategic tweaks was really the best fit for me. I would recommend Kendra to everyone, and I feel lucky that she came into my life."

Law Firm Partner

Work with Kendra one-on-one to unlock your potential, reach your goals, and do it without sacrificing your most important asset -- you!

By coaching through your challenges and roadblocks now, you set yourself up for success in the future. Why wait? Suffering is optional when you have the right mindset, tools, guidance, and accountability.

While I love coaching, I am only able to take on a few coaching clients at a time due to my other commitments and wanting to be able to bring my best to those who are most invested in their own development and growth -- my 1:1 coaching clients. If I do not have current openings, I will let you know when I see your inquiry.

My coaching relationships are three-month commitments because I have found that three months is the minimum time that my clients need to make lasting change and move through the inevitable resistance to new ways of thinking and acting.

Every coaching engagement starts with a 20-minute conversation to ensure we’re a great fit.

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