The greatest gift is to be a gift to others.

As an adoptive mom and a “trauma mama,” Kendra is committed to supporting other adoptive and foster families walking the hard and often lonely journey of parenting children with trauma histories.

Kendra knows firsthand the deep challenges associated with parenting children with early childhood trauma, fetal alcohol syndrome, and attachment challenges. Kendra looks forward to supporting fellow healing families and walking with them as, together, we give children who have known loss, hardship, and trauma families who will love and care for them.

Some topics that Kendra can speak on for foster and adoptive families:

  • Resilience in the Midst of the Storm: Parenting Children from Hard Places
  • Taking Care of Yourself while Taking Care of Others
  • Parenting Kids with Trauma Backgrounds: The Lonely Road and How to Find Fellow Travelers

Kendra will waive speaking fees for organizations whose mission is to support foster and adoptive families and children. Please use the inquiry form on the “Speaking” page and indicate that the organization is a non-profit focused on supporting adoptive and/or foster families. Kendra can customize a presentation based on the specific needs of the group and audience. 

Making An Impact

We give a portion of all profits from Kendra’s courses, coaching, and speaking to organizations that make a difference. Here are some recent recipients:


If you don't see your Lawyer Assistance Program on this list, please email Kendra at [email protected] with a way to send a donation directly to your state's Lawyer Assistance Program. 


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