The EsquireWell Academy

The only online learning program exclusively dedicated to lawyer well-being, built by a lawyer for lawyers, legal professionals, and law students. We speak “legal” (but not legal-ese) around here.

Changing your well-being changes everything.

If you feel like you’re just getting by – tired, overwhelmed, stressed, knowing there must be a better way to live and work -- and you are ready improve your health, happiness, relationships, and professional success … there is one way to do it.

You need to not only practice well. You need to live well.

At the EsquireWell Academy, you’ll learn how.


You’ve heard well-being is important, but you don’t know where to start.

Are you a legal professional (lawyer, paralegal, legal staff, law student) looking for a one-stop shop for high-quality well-being programs and resources – there for you when you need it?  

Do you want a place to go that is 100% committed to your well-being, to giving you what you need, when you need it, built by a lawyer who “gets it”?

The EsquireWell Academy is your solution!

Hear what others are saying about EsquireWell!

Steve, Law Firm Partner

"Kendra is incredible! I’ve been to so many well-being programs where I have practically fallen asleep and not walked away with a single action step that I could actually implement. Not with Kendra! I could tell she was committed to not only helping us understand the background information, data, and science of the topic, but also what to do with it. That’s how my brain works, too. I want to understand why I’m doing something, and then I want to know what to do. Thanks for another great program, Kendra!"

Here’s What You Get in the EsquireWell Academy

In the EsquireWell Academy, we will go through a new workshop with Kendra and her hand-chosen guests every month where we learn and apply. 

These workshops cover topics such as:

  • Sleep, movement, and nutrition for peak performance
  • Stress and time management
  • Thriving relationships
  • Financial stability and success
  • Regulating and managing emotions
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Building confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Achieving impossible goals
  • Habit changes
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Parenting with peace (optional)
  • Business building without angst (optional)
  • And much more … 

Madeline, Law Firm Associate

"I don’t know how she does it, but Kendra held my attention the whole time. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Not only did I learn practical tips and strategies from the program that I know will improve my work and life, I walked away from the program feeling a bit lighter, brighter, and more confident in myself and my ability to make positive change. I can’t recommend Kendra’s programs enough!"

The EsquireWell Academy curriculum is aligned with the ABA Well-Being Toolkit for Lawyers & Legal Employers and “The Path to Lawyer Well-Being” Report, so we cover these six dimensions of well-being:


Recognizing the importance of emotions. Developing the ability to identify and manage our own emotions to support mental health, achieve goals, and inform decision-making. Seeking help for mental health when needed.


Cultivating personal satisfaction, growth, and enrichment in work; financial stability.


Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support network while also contributing to our groups and communities.


Striving for regular physical activity, proper diet and nutrition, sufficient sleep, and recovery; minimizing the use of addictive substances. Seeking help for physical health when needed.


Developing a sense of meaningfulness and purpose in all aspects of life.


Engaging in continuous learning and the pursuit of creative or intellectually challenging activities that foster ongoing development; monitoring cognitive wellness.

When you join the EsquireWell Academy, you’ll get instant access to tools that will help you start making changes immediately.

What you'll receive in the EsquireWell Academy:

  • On-demand access to recordings of all EsquireWell monthly programs, including:
    • Well-Being and Professional Development Trainings with Kendra and guest experts
    • Q&A and Coaching with Kendra
    • Desk/chair yoga sessions
    • Mindfulness and meditation sessions
  • Monthly Academy Newsletter full of tips, insights, and ideas
  • Academy Resource Library
  • Monthly "Happier Hour" coaching call with Kendra
  • Bonus interviews and workshops on well-being and professional development topics you want to learn

About Kendra Brodin, Esq., MSW

I’m a lawyer, a social worker, and a certified coach. Why does that matter to you? Because when we work together, I combine all of my background and experiences to bring you what you need – because I get it.  

I’ve worked in all sizes of law firms, helping attorneys with their professional, personal, and business development.

I’ve worked in law schools, guiding students to reach their career and professional goals.

If you’re looking for someone who understands the culture, systems, workload, and experience of working in a legal setting and how it impacts your challenges and goals, you’re in the right place.

I understand the many unique challenges we face in the legal profession, and I’m all-in committed to being a part of creating positive change for individuals and legal organizations when it comes to well-being.  

I do that in many ways, but the EsquireWell Academy is the most powerful way I have to share cutting-edge tools and consistent, high-quality well-being content with the people who need it and reaching them in a regular way to remind them how critical well-being is to their personal and professional success.

I am here to change the legal profession … for good.

Alex, Law Firm Professional Staff

"Sometimes as law firm staff, we feel overlooked. Everyone talks about the challenges to lawyer well-being, but we feel forgotten, like our well-being doesn’t matter. Kendra understands that our work can be just as intense and stressful as the work of the attorneys. We are often in the trenches with them, but it feels like not everyone understands that. I’m so grateful that my firm has subscribed to the EsquireWell Academy so that I have access to well-being programming along with the attorneys in my firm. It makes me feel like the firm values my well-being, too, and I’ve learned so much that has helped me in my work and in my life."

Does putting “lawyer” and “well-being” in the same sentence feel like a contradiction?

Unfortunately, it often does.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way …

It’s true – the legal profession is a demanding one, full of long hours, high-pressure work demands, intense colleagues and clients, and cultures that don’t always support well-being. Lawyers, legal professionals, and law students often struggle with extremely high levels of stress and anxiety, and it’s hard to find time for self-care and growth.

The legal profession is notoriously unhealthy, both mentally and physically. There’s data to prove it:

The 2016 study by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs found that 28 percent of attorneys who are licensed and employed struggle with some level of depression, 19 percent demonstrate symptoms of anxiety, and 21 percent qualify as problem drinkers.

The Clio 2018 Legal Trends Report found that 75% of lawyers always or frequently work outside of regular business hours. 39% of lawyers reported that the long hours they work have a negative impact on their personal lives.

The Dave Nee Foundation reported that while new law school students exhibit rates of depression around 8-9%, by the time they graduate three years later, 40% of students are depressed.  

If you are looking for data on the lack of well-being in the legal profession, a quick internet search will yield endless results. And you know from your own experience that the legal profession is a hard, stressful, and intense one – you don’t even need another study to tell you what you already know is true.

Yes, you can scan Google or the self-help section of your local library and you’ll get an overabundance of information related to well-being and mental and physical health. And if that works for you, that’s perfect. But it might feel overwhelming to sift through which information has value, especially if you aren’t sure what you are looking for and you don’t have time to try to curate it yourself.

Let me help. I’ll bring you the best of the best. I’ll read through what’s out there and send you recommendations. I’ll do the heavy lifting so that you have one easy, trusted place to go for your well-being needs.  

Of course, you can compliment that any way you choose – I hope you do! But my goal is to make sure you at least have a baseline, a foundation, and a place that reminds you to take care of yourself and what matters to you so you can thrive in every part of your life – personally and professionally.


You’ve Got Questions – We’ve Got Answers!

Allison, Law School Student

"As a law student, I’ve heard how stressful the profession can be, and it makes me nervous. Learning from Kendra helped me feel like I could build a well-being plan for myself ahead of time. I understand the challenges I will face, and even though I know I won’t fully appreciate those challenges until I enter the practice, I feel more confident that I will know what to do when I hit those challenges. It’s just nice to have a safe place to learn about well-being from a person who clearly knows her stuff and has such as broad perspective on the profession. I recommend Kendra to all of my law school peers."

Individual Monthly Academy Membership


  • On-demand access to all EsquireWell recorded programs with Kendra and guest experts
  • On-demand access to desk yoga programs
  • On-demand access to meditation sessions
  • Monthly group coaching calls where we’ll work through challenges you’re facing.

  • On-demand access to coaching and Q&A calls

  • Exclusive monthly newsletter
  • EsquireWell Academy Resource Library
  • Bonus workshops and Member-Only events

Individual Annual Academy Membership


get two months free if you sign up for an annual membership

  • On-demand access to all EsquireWell recorded programs with Kendra and guest experts
  • On-demand access to desk yoga programs
  • On-demand access to meditation sessions
  • Monthly group coaching calls where we’ll work through challenges you’re facing

  • On-demand access to coaching and Q&A calls
  • Exclusive monthly newsletter
  • EsquireWell Academy Resource Library
  • Bonus workshops and Member-Only events

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