The Well-Being In Practice™ course, crafted by Kendra Brodin, Esq., MSW, Founder & CEO of EsquireWell, is a transformative program designed to make lawyers happier, healthier, and more successful in their legal careers.

Tailored specifically for legal professionals seeking to improve their personal and professional lives, this course offers a structured, comprehensive exploration of occupational, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Each module is designed to not only enhance understanding but also to apply these insights through practical strategies and real-life applications.

Delivered in an on-demand format, the course features short, manageable modules packed with interactive activities. This flexible learning environment is complemented by monthly live support through open office hours, providing ongoing assistance and community interaction.

Whether you're looking to manage stress more effectively, enhance your emotional intelligence, or set meaningful professional goals, Well-Being In Practice™ equips you with the tools to craft a sustainable, fulfilling career in law. Join us to embark on a journey toward a more balanced and enriching professional life!

In today’s high-stress legal landscape, prioritizing well-being is not just a strategic benefit—it's essential.

The demanding nature of law, characterized by high stakes, long hours, and intense competition, can lead to serious consequences like burnout, stress, and a decrease in job satisfaction if well-being is overlooked.

This not only affects individual lawyers but also impacts the effectiveness of their firms and the quality of service to clients. A pivotal 2017 report by the American Bar Association emphasized the critical need for legal institutions to actively support the well-being of lawyers, highlighting that those who neglect this aspect are at a higher risk of professional misconduct and personal struggles, including mental health issues and substance abuse.

Investing in well-being brings immense rewards. Lawyers who maintain their mental, emotional, and physical health tend to perform at their peak. They manage the pressures of the job more effectively, think more clearly, and build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients.

Firms and legal organizations that focus on well-being see improved retention rates, enhanced teamwork, and an overall boost in firm performance. Prioritizing well-being creates a more supportive and positive workplace culture, fostering a resilient legal team ready to thrive in their careers.

Ultimately, embracing well-being in the legal profession isn’t just about preventing the negatives; it’s about fostering a thriving environment where lawyers can excel. In a world where lawyers’ well-being is increasingly challenged, taking proactive steps to enhance it is not just beneficial—it's crucial for sustaining a successful and satisfying legal career.

This approach helps create a supportive culture and a robust, effective workforce, ensuring that both individuals and their firms thrive!

About The Instructor, Kendra Brodin, Esq. MSW

Kendra Brodin, ESQ., MSW, is the Founder and CEO of EsquireWell, a pioneering consulting firm dedicated to enhancing lawyer well-being and performance. With degrees in social work and law, Kendra brings over 20 years of experience across law schools, law firms, and legal consulting to her mission.

Kendra has experience in every facet and stage of lawyer development, from serving as Director of Career and Professional Development at a law school to a C-suite role as Chief Attorney Development Officer at a large national law firm. 

Additionally, she also teaches an upper-level law school course called “Well-Being and Professional Formation” and understands the impact and importance of well-being at every stage of a legal career.

Kendra passionately believes in the possibility and necessity of achieving success in the legal profession without sacrificing happiness and well-being.

At EsquireWell, Kendra offers innovative, science-backed strategies ensuring that well-being becomes deeply integrated into legal practice at all levels.

“I believe that well-being and emotional intelligence are core professional competencies for lawyers and legal professionals, enabling them to be at their best, do their finest work, serve their clients exceptionally, lead effectively in their organizations, and thrive for the long-term in the legal profession.”
- Kendra Brolin, Esq. MSW

What's Inside the Course

Well-Being in Practice™ is a thoughtfully designed course crafted to enrich your life as a legal professional by enhancing your overall well-being, emotional intelligence, and professional skills. Tailored specifically for those in the legal field, this course unfolds through several dynamic modules, each designed to nurture both your personal and professional growth, providing you with targeted guidance and tools.

Module 1: Introduction

This opening session introduces the connection between well-being and achieving both personal satisfaction and professional excellence. Legal professionals are warmly invited to explore and embrace a mindset that values well-being, recognizes the power of emotional intelligence, and commits to continuously refining their skills within the unique demands of the legal profession.

Module 2: Personal Well-Being:
The Critical Link to Lawyer Success

In this module, we delve into the various aspects of personal well-being tailored specifically to the needs of legal professionals. Participants learn effective strategies to manage stress, find deeper meaning in their work, foster intellectual growth, enhance their emotional intelligence, build robust social networks, improve their physical health, and nurture their spiritual well-being—all crafted to meet the demands of their professional life.

Module 3: Master Your EQ
to Connect with Clients and Colleagues

Focusing on emotional intelligence within the legal setting, this module addresses the unique challenges faced by legal professionals. We explore the four key components of EQ—self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management—equipping participants with the tools to enhance their emotional skills, from expanding their emotional vocabulary to understanding and regulating emotions in a legal context.

Module 4: Professional Well-Being:
The Skills They Don’t Teach in Law School

This module bridges the gap left by traditional legal education, providing essential skills for thriving in the legal field. We cover effective communication, especially during challenging conversations, the transformative potential of time management, and the critical importance of embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within the legal profession.

Bonus: Develop Business With Well-Being

Designed for those who manage the business aspects of legal practice, this bonus module offers insights into stress-free networking, high-level client service, financial well-being, and excellent client care. These practical strategies allow for growing a thriving practice while maintaining a focus on well-being and adopting a generous approach to business development.

Bonus For Leaders: Creating Psychological Safety

In this additional bonus module, we explore the concept of psychological safety in the workplace, catering to the unique dynamics of the legal profession. Discover how to foster an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, supported, and safe to express themselves.

How to Enroll

 I’m thrilled to invite you to enroll in the Well-Being In Practice™ course, tailored specifically for lawyers and legal professionals like you. This course is your gateway to mastering the skills needed to enhance your well-being and ensure you are performing optimally in your career, for your clients, and within your firm.

Upon signing up, you’ll gain immediate access to the entire suite of course materials and details about our monthly live office hours, where we can tackle your specific questions and challenges together.

The investment for individual lawyers is $397.

For law firms interested in incorporating well-being at an organizational level, an annual license is available. Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss how an annual all-inclusive license can benefit your team and contribute to a healthier, more vibrant workplace.

I look forward to helping you discover how a well-being-focused approach can transform your professional life.

Enroll as Individual - $397
Annual Licenses for Firms -
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I look forward to helping you discover how a well-being-focused approach can transform your professional life.

Kendra Brodin, Esq., MSW
Founder & CEO of EsquireWell