The Well-Being In Practice™ course, created by Kendra Brodin, Esq., MSW, Founder & CEO of EsquireWell, is a cutting-edge professional development program designed to help law firms equip their lawyers and legal professionals to be happier, healthier, and more successful in their legal careers. 

This course is custom designed for the needs and schedules of busy legal professionals. It offers a unique combination of on-demand learning and personal, real-time support through live office hours sessions. In addition, the course comes with an extensive set of resources from The EsquireWell Academy to provide even more robust support.

By focusing on high-impact professional core competencies that improve performance inside (and outside) the workplace, this course delivers practical training intended to make a difference in the arenas that matter most.

The course is provided through annual licensing that allows everyone in your law firm a full year of access to the complete Well-Being in Practice™ program as well as the additional benefits of all resources in The EsquireWell Academy, Facilitator Guides, and CLE Credits.

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Tailored specifically for legal professionals seeking to improve both their professional and personal lives, Well-Being In Practice™ offers a comprehensive array of performance-enhancing strategies based on the principles of well-being and EQ (emotional intelligence). These two core competencies work together to create thriving, successful legal professionals. 

By combining practical strategies that improve workplace performance with approaches that protect the health and well-being of the individual, your firm can benefit from lawyers and legal professionals who increase their value to your firm while also avoiding burnout.

“Well-Being in Practice™ intertwines personal well-being, emotional intelligence, and professional skills, equipping participants with the practical tools and strategies to excel and thrive in their legal careers.”
- Kendra Brodin, Esq. MSW

Self-paced video modules introduce and teach critical performance skills such as time management, navigating challenging conversations, increasing empathy and understanding of colleagues and clients through EQ, increasing average client transaction value, conflict resolution, client and referral acquisition, and more. 

These modules also integrate the 6 core dimensions of well-being as defined by the National Taskforce on Lawyer Well-Being (occupational, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well-being), equipping lawyers and legal professionals to gain a deeper understanding of these arenas as they apply these insights through practical strategies and real-life applications.

Credit: ABA National Taskforce on Lawyer Well-Being

Delivered in an on-demand format, the course features short, manageable modules packed with interactive activities. This flexible learning environment is complemented by personal, live support through regular “office hours” online sessions, providing ongoing assistance directly from Kendra as well as community interaction. 

Whether you're looking to help those in your firm manage stress more effectively, enhance their emotional intelligence, or set meaningful professional goals they can confidently achieve, Well-Being In Practice™ will equip your people with the tools to craft a sustainable, fulfilling career in law. 

Enroll your lawyers and legal professionals in this course to begin their journey toward a more balanced, enriching, and successful professional life.

In today’s high-stress legal workplace, prioritizing well-being is not just a strategic benefit—it's essential. The demanding nature of law, characterized by high stakes, long hours, and intense competition can lead to serious consequences. Burnout, stress, and a decrease in job satisfaction are among the most common consequences when  well-being is not prioritized. 

In addition, lawyers and legal professionals who do not have competency in EQ (Emotional Intelligence) are hampered by problematic and ineffective relationships with colleagues, clients and even the management of their firms. Without effective education in EQ and adjacent professional skills (a central focus of the Well-Being In Practice™ course), both job satisfaction and job performance suffer significantly.

These downline effects will impact individual lawyers, but they also do harm to the effectiveness of their firms and the quality of service they will deliver to clients. 

A pivotal 2017 report by the American Bar Association emphasized the critical need for legal organizations to actively support the well-being of lawyers, highlighting that lawyers who work in organizations that neglect well-being are at a higher risk of professional misconduct and personal struggles, including mental health issues and substance abuse.

The 2014 Survey of Law Student Well-Being study conducted across 15 law schools reported these findings among their respondents:

  • 23% screened positive for mild to moderate anxiety
  • 14% screened positive for severe anxiety
  • 17% screened positive for depression
  • Over 50% reported drinking enough to get drunk in the past 30 days
  • Only 4% indicated that they had ever used a health professional for issues associated with alcohol or drugs

The 2023 ALM Mental Health Survey of practicing lawyers reported this data across their 3,000 respondents:

  • 63% thought mental health and substance abuse problems were worse in the legal profession
  • Roughly one in two lawyers said they knew colleagues who were depressed or had another mental health issue
  • 44% said they knew co-workers who struggled with alcoholism
  • Nearly 15% said they knew someone in the profession who died by suicide in the past two years

Additionally, the same ALM study reported that many lawyers still had a “lack of trust” when it came to asking their firms for help with their well-being, citing fear of termination both for using mental health programs as well as taking leave for mental health reasons.

Clearly, lawyers are not getting the help they need to thrive - and in some cases, survive - the rigors of the current workplace. That is why both well-being and emotional intelligence need to be considered core competencies for all professionals in the field of law.

Individual lawyers and law firms that invest in developing well-being, emotional intelligence, and adjacent professional skills create far more than just “a better quality of life”. The benefits to lawyers as well as their firms’ reputation are tangible - and profitable.

  • Lawyers who maintain their mental, emotional, and physical health tend to perform at their peak. 
  • They manage the pressures of the job more effectively, think more clearly, and build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients. 
  • Improving emotional intelligence plays a critical role in promoting well-being as well as increasing interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Firms that focus on well-being see improved retention rates, enhanced teamwork, and an overall boost in firm performance.
  • Prioritizing well-being creates a more supportive and positive workplace culture, fostering a resilient legal team ready to thrive in their careers.

Ultimately, embracing well-being in the legal profession isn’t just about preventing the negatives; it’s about fostering a thriving environment where lawyers can excel. 

In a world where lawyers’ well-being is increasingly challenged, taking proactive steps to enhance it is not just beneficial — it's crucial for sustaining a successful and satisfying legal career. A proactive approach to well-being helps create a supportive culture and a robust, effective workforce, ensuring that both individuals and their firms thrive.

About The Instructor, Kendra Brodin, Esq. MSW

Kendra Brodin, ESQ., MSW, is the Founder and CEO of EsquireWell, a pioneering consulting firm dedicated to enhancing lawyer well-being and performance. With degrees in social work and law, Kendra brings over 20 years of experience across law schools, law firms, and legal consulting to her mission.

Kendra has experience in every facet and stage of lawyer development, from serving as Director of Career and Professional Development at a law school to a C-suite role as Chief Attorney Development Officer at a large national law firm. 

Additionally, she also teaches an upper-level law school course called “Well-Being and Professional Formation” and understands the impact and importance of well-being at every stage of a legal career.

Kendra passionately believes in the possibility and necessity of achieving success in the legal profession without sacrificing happiness and well-being.

At EsquireWell, Kendra offers innovative, science-backed strategies ensuring that well-being becomes deeply integrated into legal practice at all levels.

“I believe that well-being and emotional intelligence are core professional competencies for lawyers and legal professionals, enabling them to be at their best, do their finest work, serve their clients exceptionally, lead effectively in their organizations, and thrive for the long-term in the legal profession.”
- Kendra Brodin, Esq. MSW

The Well-Being In Practice™ professional development course is designed to support and empower lawyers and legal professionals by helping them build a sustainable approach to their work, enhancing their well-being and fostering long-term personal and professional growth.

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The course contains practical and highly engaging modules that explore the critical core competencies your legal professionals need to have in order to survive and thrive in the field of law:

  • Well-Being Skills - the ability to successfully manage the 6 dimensions of well-being (occupational, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual) 
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills - the ability to stay aware of, maintain control of, and effectively express emotions, and to wisely and empathetically handle interpersonal and professional relationships
  • Adjacent Professional Skills - the capacity to approach peak performance in key job skills such as time management, client relations, difficult conversations, attention to detail, conflict resolution, growth mindset and more  

Throughout these modules, we take a deep dive into how well-being directly contributes to success in law. Participants will discover the power of "eustress," a beneficial form of stress that can propel them to peak performance (particularly useful in the demanding world of law). We’ll connect the dots across the six dimensions of well-being, inspiring them to evaluate and boost their health in each area, setting the foundation for enduring success.

A special focus is placed on emotional intelligence, a key component in the legal field. They’ll gain deeper insights into self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, all custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of the legal profession. 

Practical strategies will be provided to enhance emotional intelligence, such as broadening emotional vocabulary and sharpening student’s abilities to read others' emotional cues—essential skills for anyone in the field of law.

As participants progress through the course, they are encouraged to embrace a growth mindset, set meaningful goals that resonate with your practice, commit to ongoing learning specific to their field, and make incremental, sustainable improvements to boost their overall well-being. 

Professional development skills are also covered in detail, equipping your lawyers and legal professionals with the critical skills that contribute to increasing the number of clients they serve, cultivating referrals, and increasing the average transactions of clients through higher and more effective levels of service.

The ultimate aim of this course is to help them overcome any resistance typical within the legal sphere, establish new, beneficial habits, and craft a personalized well-being plan that optimizes both their personal and professional life in law.

Module 1: Introduction

This opening session introduces the connection between well-being and achieving both personal satisfaction and professional excellence. Legal professionals are warmly invited to explore and embrace a mindset that values well-being, recognizes the power of emotional intelligence, and commits to continuously refining their skills within the unique demands of the legal profession.

Module 2: Personal Well-Being:
The Critical Link to Lawyer Success

In this module, we delve into the various aspects of personal well-being tailored specifically to the needs of legal professionals. Participants learn effective strategies to manage stress, find deeper meaning in their work, foster intellectual growth, enhance their emotional intelligence, build robust social networks, improve their physical health, and nurture their spiritual well-being—all crafted to meet the demands of their professional life.

Module 3: Master Your EQ
to Connect with Clients and Colleagues

Focusing on emotional intelligence within the legal setting, this module addresses the unique challenges faced by legal professionals. We explore the four key components of EQ—self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management—equipping participants with the tools to enhance their emotional skills, from expanding their emotional vocabulary to understanding and regulating emotions in a legal context.

Module 4: Professional Well-Being:
The Skills They Don’t Teach in Law School

This module bridges the gap left by traditional legal education, providing essential skills for thriving in the legal field. We cover effective communication, especially during challenging conversations, the transformative potential of time management, and the critical importance of embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within the legal profession.

Bonus: Develop Business With Well-Being

Designed for those who manage the business aspects of legal practice, this bonus module offers insights into stress-free networking, high-level client service, financial well-being, and excellent client care. These practical strategies allow for growing a thriving practice while maintaining a focus on well-being and adopting a generous approach to business development.

Bonus For Leaders: Creating Psychological Safety

In this additional bonus module, we explore the concept of psychological safety in the workplace, catering to the unique dynamics of the legal profession. Discover how to foster an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, supported, and safe to express themselves.

Well-Being in Practice™ intertwines personal well-being, emotional intelligence, and professional skills, equipping participants with the practical tools and strategies to excel and thrive in their legal careers. By fostering a positive and inclusive work culture, this course aligns perfectly with the distinctive challenges and demands of the legal profession.

In addition to the core curriculum and bonus modules, the lawyers and legal professionals in your firm will also enjoy these valuable additional benefits when enrolled in Well-Being In Practice™:

  1. Personal Access To Kendra Brodin during “Office Hours” - all course enrollees will have ongoing access to regular live Q&A sessions each month where they can ask Kendra questions on anything related to understanding and implementing the course material. This individualized support is invaluable as a means to ensure everyone in your firm can get the full benefit of this course.

  2. CLE Credits*- Your attorneys may be eligible for up to 4.8 CLE credits when they complete the core modules of the course. We've done the heavy lifting for you and applied for CLE in a number of jurisdictions. If we haven't already applied in a jurisdiction where your attorneys need credits, we will take care of the application process. We want your attorneys to receive CLE credit for the time they put into their development through this course, and we want to take the CLE application burden off your internal team. (For more CLE information, please read the additional information at the bottom of this page*.)

  3. Access to all the resources in the EsquireWell Academy - As an extra benefit, when your organization purchases an annual license to provide Well-Being In Practice™, you’ll also receive full access to The EsquireWell Academy, including all live programs, monthly masterclasses, desk yoga and meditation programs it includes. ($490/year/user value)

  4. Facilitation Guides - Your firm will also receive facilitation guides that will assist members of your firm to lead “lunch & learns” or group sessions to discuss and explore how to apply the course material in both personal and professional domains.

These additional benefits make the Well-Being In Practice™ course a truly unique offering in the legal industry, allowing your lawyers and legal professionals to combine self-paced education with personal and wrap-around support directly from the course creator with no additional fees or costs - ever.

We’re thrilled to invite your firm to enroll in the Well-Being In Practice™ course, tailored specifically for lawyers and legal professionals like yours. This course is a gateway to mastering the skills needed to enhance well-being and ensure everyone in your firm is performing optimally in their career, for their clients, and within their firm.

The course is made available through annual licensing, which allows for your entire firm to have access to both this course and The EsquireWell Academy for the duration of your license.

The Benefits of Annual Licensing

Annual licensing gives you one fixed cost to include anyone in your firm who would benefit from this training - lawyers, other legal professionals, support staff - without the complication of managing and approving individual seats. You’ll be able to grant access to new or existing members of your firm easily and efficiently any time you choose.

As soon as your organization officially registers, your legal professionals will gain immediate access to the entire suite of course materials and details about our monthly live office hours where we can tackle your specific questions and challenges together.

The process is simple: once your organization is registered and ready to go, you will receive a registration link to send to all of your lawyers and legal professionals to create their own EsquireWell user accounts. There is no software to install or firewall / security issues to manage. You simply provide the sign-up link to your team, and we will take it from there! 

We are committed to making it easy for you to provide best-in-class well-being and professional development content across your entire organization - that’s what we are here to do. Having led professional development functions at large firms, we know exactly what you are facing, and we’re committed to making your rollout of this course easier in every way we can.

Please contact Kendra directly at [email protected] (or via the contact button below) to discuss how an annual all-inclusive license can benefit your team and contribute to a healthier, more vibrant workplace, and a higher-performing firm.

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Looking to use this course for yourself individually? Click here for details!

I look forward to helping your firm discover how a well-being-focused approach to professional development can transform the personal and professional life of your team so they can be happier, healthier, and more successful in the legal profession!

Kendra Brodin, Esq., MSW

Founder & CEO of EsquireWell


This program is eligible for 4.0 hours of wellness CLE credit in 60-minute states, and 4.8 hours of wellness CLE credit in 50-minute states. Credit hours are estimated and are subject to each state’s approval and credit rounding rules.

This program is available for credit in: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CT, GU, HI, NH, NJ, NM, NY, PA, VI, and VT. Currently this program is pending approval in IL and TX. This program is not eligible for credit in OH, ME, MO, or WI. States not listed will be applied for upon request.