A few words that could change everything

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Sometimes we all need a little boost, especially this time of year.

It seems like most people are dealing with a host of demands right now:

  • Welcoming new students or associates

  • Planning fall programming

  • Preparing for 2024 budgets

  • New billing years around the corner

  • Fall or annual evaluations

  • The start of the school year in your family

  • The start of your own school year (if you are a law student)

This time of year can feel overwhelming, so what better time to offer a word or act of encouragement to those around you. 

Tomorrow (September 12) is National Day of Encouragement!

It feels perfectly timed, and the focus of the National Day of Encouragement is to remind us to give motivation, affirmation, and inspiration to others. 

The most effective leaders offer encouragement and motivation to their teams. Healthy teams that encourage each other are more productive, more engaged, more innovative, and less stressed.

Plus, taking time to encourage those around you not only builds up the other person, but it also makes you feel better, too.

So take a moment to encourage others, recognize what they are contributing, show you know they are trying, or lift them up a bit when you see they are down.

It can be a simple thing, such as: 

  1. Say “thank you” to those who encourage you. (It will encourage them to do more of the same, for you and others.)

  2. Be a good listener. Listen for what someone really needs, and try to offer what support you can.

  3. Be mindful of how you talk about yourself and others. Be a person who spreads positivity, not someone whose negativity is contagious.

  4. Catch others doing something “right” and point that out instead of pointing out only what others get “wrong.” You’ll always get more of the behaviors you positively reinforce, so watch for the things you’d like to see repeated in those around you.

  5. Acknowledge those around you. It’s amazing how powerful a short “thank you” or “good job” can be. Be specific as to what you are acknowledging and why it matters.

  6. Celebrate “wins.” When something goes well or someone has a “win” of some sort, give them a “shout out.”

  7. Be public - thank and praise people in front of others. Build a culture of gratitude and celebration. Work and life can be hard enough; let’s bring positivity and encouragement into our organizations where we can.

You can start a ripple of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration by doing one of these simple things listed above. It doesn’t take much - a smile, a “thank you,” a high five, or a “way to go.” 

So on National Day of Encouragement (and every day), be the person who takes a moment to encourage others. You’ll inspire others to do the same!