Courage Before Confidence

confidence strength

With only two full weeks left in 2022, I hope you are finding some time to take care of yourself. Many of you are facing end-of-year deadlines at work, holiday shopping/wrapping/festivities, and all of the drama of the season.

A few things to think about as you face year-end and set goals for the coming year:

Courage comes before confidence, not the other way around. Sometimes we wait to have confidence before we take action, but what we really need to do is act out of courage; confidence will follow. Here's an interesting article on the topic: Choose Courage Over Confidence.

The more we practice acting courageously, the more naturally it will come to us. Courage isn't about the absence of fear. It's about moving forward despite our fears, and that will lead you to where you want to go. Check out more about courageous choices here: 10 Features of Courageous Choice | Psychology Today

As you look toward 2023, trust yourself to have the courage to face hard things that come your way. When you are thinking about your 2023 goals, know that it will take some courage to reach them, and trust yourself to find the courage to do what you need to do to make your dreams a reality!

Always rooting for you.